172-2019 Temporary Moratorium on Manufactured Home Placement

171-2019 HB 2439 Zoning Bldg. Code Regulations

170-2019 HB3167 Subdivision Amendment

Reason To Reauthorize Streets Maintenance Tax

Swimming Pool Requirements

Register Rental Property Notice

Sign Regulations in the City of Lone Oak

169-2019 Signage Regulation

168-2016 Temporary Moratorium on Signage

167-2019 Code of Ethics for City Officials, Employees, Volunteers

166-2019 Residential Rental Property

153-2019 Property Tax 2019-2020


165-218 All Terrain Vehicles

164-2018 Right of Way Management and Design Manual

153-2018 Property Tax 2018-2019


152-2018 Adopting Budget FY2018-2019

127-2018 Certificate of Occupancy

109A-2018 Zoning Ordinance with TOC


163-2017 Permits and Fees

162-2017 Storm Water Drainage Culverts

161-2017 City Secretary Ex Officio

160-2017-A Alcohol Sales Amended

160-2017 Alcohol Sales

159-2017 Interceptor and Separator Grease Traps

158-2017 2012 Plumbing Code

157-2017 Building Code

156-2017 Animal Regulations

152-2017 A Amended Budget FY 2017

151-2017 Fireworks

150-2017 Water, Sewer, Garbage Deposits Taps

149-2017B City Street Speed Limit - Amend.

149-2017-A City Street Speed Limit - Amend.

66-2017 Health, Sanitary, Weeds, Trash, Storage, Screening, Pools, Cistern

73-2017 Public Nuisance Junk Vehicles


155-2016 Date of Council Meeting

154-2016 Manufactured/Mobile Homes

153-2016 Property Taxes 2016-2017

152-2016B Amended Budget FY2016-2017

152-2016A Amended Budget FY2016-2017

152-2016 Adopted Budget FY 2016-2017

149-2016 Speed Limits

148-2016 Adopting a Cashless Policy for the City of Lone Oak - 2/8/2016


145-2015 Adopting Records Management Program For the City of Lone Oak

144-2015 Water Sewer Trash Churches

143-2015 Court Building Security

142-2015 Court Technology Fund

141-2015 Credit Cards


139-2014 Substandard Housing

138-2014 International Residential Code

137-2014 Water Resource Emergency Management

136-2014 Water Conservation Plan

135-2014 Court Juvenile Case Manager


134-2013 Atmos Energy Franchise


129-2012 Itinerant Vendors and Solicitors

128-2012 Exempt Food Vendors Permits and Special Events

109-2012 Long Term Parking of Vehicles


123.2011 Credit Card Payments Court

109-2011 Overnight Parking of Commercial Vehicles for Storage

2009 & Prior Years

117-2009 Disconnect Fee for Water Sewer

116-2009 Municipal Court Judge

112-2009 Additional Stop Signs

111-2008 Identity Theft Prevention Program

110-2008 Signs and Electronic Variable Message Signs

109-2007 Zoning Ordinance

104A-2007 Repeal of Billiard Game Machines

97-2003 Annexation of Lone Oak School

96-2003 Private Property Water or Sewer Repairs

73-2000 Public Nuisance Junk Vehicles

65 Smoke Free City Hall

55 Texas New Mexico Power Competition Plan

54 Four Way Stop Sign at College and McBride

48 State Hwy Maintenance Control Regulation

46 Term of Office for Mayor and Alderman

44 Sexually Oriented Business

43 Exemption from Sales Tex Telecom Services

23 Traffic Signs Enforcement

20 Annexation Areas

10A Traffic Sign Enforcement

009A Police Reserve Force

007A Properety Delinquent Tax Penalty

004A Vacant Lots Clearing Mowing

001B Marshal Police Officer